Nick Drake

Northern Sky

Nick Drake

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Northern Sky

	  		D   Em9     D   Em9     D   Em9     D   Em9           
{D}I never felt magic c{Em7}razy as this 
{D}I never saw moons near the m{Em7}eaning of the sea 
{D}I never held the motion in the p{Em7}alm of my hand 
{D}Or felt sweet breezes in the t{Em7}op of the tree 
But now you're h{Asus4}ere, brighten my{Em11} nort{A7sus4}hern sk{D}y   Em7     D   Em7 
{D}Been a long time that I'm wa{Em7}iting 
{D}Been a long time that I've bl{Em7}own 
{D}Been a long time that I've wo{Em7}ndered 
{D}Through the people I have kn{Em9}own 
Oh if you w{Asus4}ould and you could straighten my Em11}new m{A7sus4}ind's e{D}ye 
D  Em7    D  Em7    D  Em7    D  Asus4      D            
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MIDDLE PART: D D D Asus4 F# --------------0---------------------0-------3----| D --------------0---------------------0-------2----| G -6-7-2-0-2-2--2(rpt twice)---0-2----2-----0-2----| D -----4-----0--0------------2-0-2h4--4---2-0-2----| A --------------0------------3--------0---3---0----| D --------------0---------------------0-------0----|
Would you love me for my money Would you love me for my head Would you love me through the winter Would you love me till I'm dead Oh if you would and you could come grow your home on high I never felt magic crazy as this I never saw the moon neath the meaning of the sea I never held emotion in the palm of my hand Felt sweet breezes in the top of the tree But now you're here, brighten my northern sky D Em7 D Em7 D Em7 D Panchocho Gilmour

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