Nick Ciampi

Will Things Be Different

Nick Ciampi

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Will Things Be Different

	  		Artist: Nick Ciampi 
Song: Will Things Be Different 

Am                        G 
You can run there really fast 
    Am                 G 
Or take one step at a time 
   Am                G                F 
Just make sure you know where you're goin 
Am               G 
Keep a bad deal hid 
 Am                G 
Hide the good one too 
Am                 G            F 
Just don't let on what you're knowin 


C                 G      Am        G   F 
Things may come around maybe once or twice 
      C                  G          Am   G 
Sometimes not even that often and move on 
 F                 C    E                F 
Grab it while you can make it something nice 
   Am               G         F        E                  Am   G 
I wonder how it'll be, will things be different when I'm gone? 
Am   G   Am   G    F 

Am           G 
Don't wanna see 
  Am             G 
It all look the same 
   Am             G          F 
As it did when I was growin in it 
   Am       G 
When I see it 
              G     F 
Doesn't move around 
 Am           G         F 
I just wanna grab and spin it 


Read your bible read your news 
See the lies in each 
Learn the truth how you choose 
Beware of those who teach 

/ Am G / Am G / Am G / F / 
/ Am G / Am G / Am G / F / 


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