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Nick Ciampi

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G       D         C       G 
Poverty isn't a partisan issue 
C                       D 
As rich politicians want you to believe 
G          D               C            G 
Stupidity's high on both sides of the fence 
    Em                     D 
Politics are designed to deceive 
G             D              C           G 
People are starving while lawyers make laws 
       C              D 
That benefit just a few 
      G            D          C         G 
They tell us this crap then steal our money 
     Em                    D 
But they don't help me or you 

C D Everyone blames and points fingers G Em At every body else C D Well we all better take a good look G Em And see what we're doing ourselves C D There's problems galore G Em That's a foregone conclusion C D But we're all part of the problem C D / G / / Em / / C D / Unless we become the solution
G D C G How can you buy insurance C D When you can't even feed your kid G D C G The wealthiest few makin everyone poorer Em D A circle more vicious than Sid G D C G Laws gotta change greeds gotta stop C D People just wanna be fed G D C G You can't tell the hungry "Let em eat cake" Em D Or they just might want your head Chorus

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