Nick Ciampi

Pretty Old Folk Song

Nick Ciampi

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Pretty Old Folk Song


Em                   G 
Hey Mr. Guitar man could you start strummin 
         Am                     C            Em 
Can you tell what song this is by what I'm hummin 
     Em                               G 
The tune purred from her throat and I was reminded 
    Am                    C             G 
I recognized parts but I just couldn't find it 

                     C                      G 
She said "there's a pretty old pretty folk song ima missin" 
      C                   G 
She felt it mighta been written by Dylan 
  Em                      D 
Well if you're ready and able to listen 
      Am      C         G      Am      C         Em 
Then baby oh baby I'm willin, baby oh baby I'm willin 
  Em                            G 
At first I thought she wanted "don't think twice" 
          Am                 C           Em 
She said that wasn't it, but it sounded nice 
   Em                        G 
I tried "sad-eyed lady" and even "blue moon" 
           Am                              C          G 
When she smiled and shrugged and uttered "sorry wrong tune" 


  Em                         D 
Perhaps she had erred so I tried "catch the wind" 
        Em                  C 
When at me she glared just like I had sinned 
   Em                           D 
I did "John Wesley Harding" no that ain't it 
          Am           C      D 
Fact I'm sure it was never a hit 
   Em                        G 
I tried and I tried it was really a job 
          Am                          C       Em 
I played each song and more that I'd heard by Bob 
        Em                    G 
When I ran out I played on I wrote 'bout the sun 
         Am          C                G 
When she lit up and said "that's the one!" 


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