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Nick Ciampi

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Tired of dyin but scared of livin 

I'm just tellin ya don't step on my grave 

Tired of takers who steal what I'm givin 

I'll tell ya again dontcha step on my grave 
Don't wanna be buried til after I'm dead 

Fightin a feelin can never be fed 
Losin my shirt, they ask if I gave 

I'm just telling ya, don't step on my grave 

/ E /   /   /   / 

Ain't in no hurry but after I go 

I don't wantcha ta step on my grave 

You may not think so but somehow I'll know 

I'm tellin you, better not step on my grave 
I'll haunt ya, I'll scare ya, give ya the creeps 

Let you know who sows what and who reaps 
Ya better walk lightly, better behave 

I'll tell you again dontcha step on my grave 

/ E / 

Minds gotten rotten, head's in a rut 

I'd change it if I could but I'll tell ya what 

/ E /   /   /   / 

Don't step on my grave 

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