Nick 13

All Alone

Nick 13

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All Alone

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Dm E|-----|-5-------------|-5-----------| B|---6-|----6-5------6-|----6-5------| G|-7---|--------7--7---|--------7----| D|-----|---------------|-------------| A|-----|---------------|-------------| E|-----|---------------|-------------|
Dm A Victrola spins a record The needle plays our song On a summer night like this, the band played and drove on F Dm I'm all alone, in this world A typewritter in my mind writes our story in the air Pages they all vanished, like the moments that we shared I'm all alone, in this world
F All alone (all alone) Dm In this world F All alone (all alone) Dm In this world Am Dm Oh where, oh where's my little girl?
A tattoo of Hyndian ink spells her name upon my arm F-O-R-E-V-E-R her love was here but now it's gone I'm all alone, in this world There's a train a-commin' And there aint much to pack I'm leavin this place tonight and I'm never comin back Im all alone, in this world. All alone... Gm Dm It's too much for me, I've gotta move along Gm Am It's too much for me, I cannot stay I'm gone (Solo) All alone...

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