Next To Normal

I Miss The Mountains

Next To Normal

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I Miss The Mountains

	  		C       Cm7     Fsus    F 
      C/F                    F6 
There was a time when I flew higher, 
C/F                              G7sus/C       C 
Was a time the wild girl running free would be me 
C/F             F6 
Now I see her, feel the fire 
C/F                             G7sus/C 
Now I know she needs me there to share  
I'm nowhere 

           Dm7        Dm7/C      Gsus 
All these blank and tranquil years 
G               Dm                      G/B     Am7     G 
Seems they've dried up all my tears 
           Dm        C           G7sus 
And while she runs free and fast 
A7sus     Dm   C/E       F 
Seems my wild days are past 

    C  G/C        Bb/C          F        
But I miss the mountains 
C  G/C     Bb/C         F/C 
I miss the dizzy heights 
C               G/C          Bb/C 
All the manic magic days 
                          F             C/E     Dm  
And the dark depressing nights 
C       G/C     Bb/C            F/C 
I miss the mountains 
C       G/C     Bb/C            F/C 
I miss the highs and lows 
C       G/C     Bb/C 
All the climbing, all the falling 
                  Bb/D  Bb/E    F 
All the while the wild wind blows 
      C/E             Dm9 
Stinging you with snow 
And soaking you with rain 
Bb              F        
I miss the mountains 
I miss the pain 

C       G/C     Bb/C    C/Bb 

Ab                   Eb 
Mountains make you crazy 
Ab                      Gm 
Here it's safe and sound 
   Ab                 Eb 
My mind is somewhere hazy 
My feet are on the ground 
Dm              Am 
Everything is balanced here 
    Dm         Am/C 
And on an even keel 
Dm              Am 
Everything is perfect 
           Bm   C/Bb    Bb 
Nothing's real 
          Gsus    G     Gsus 
Nothing's real 

    D  A/D         C/D          G/D 
And I miss the mountains 
D  A/D  C/D     G/D 
I miss lonely climb 
D                         A/D           C/D 
Wandering through the wilderness 
        C/E   D/F#   G 
And spending all my time 
      D/F#         Em                       Bm    A/B   Bm 
Where the air is clear and cuts you like a knife 
C               G 
I miss the mountains 
C               G 
I, I miss the mountains 
            D   A/D     C/D 
I miss my life 
   G/D       D 
I miss my life 

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