Next To Normal

Hes Not Here

Next To Normal

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Hes Not Here

Bb Eb/G Ab  Fm Bb/D Eb  Ab/C  Bb/D  Ab2 

Bb  Eb/G Ab    Fm  Bb/D Eb 
He's not here, he's not here 
Ab/C  Eb Bb/D     Ab2 
Love, I  know you know 

Bb Eb/G Ab9  Fm   Bb/D  Eb9 
Do you  feel he's still real? 
Ab/C       Bb/D     Fm11 
Love, it's just not so 

Cm11          Cm11/Bb 
Why is it you still believe? 
Abmaj9           Fm 
Do you dream, or do you grieve? 
       Ebm            Eb  Fm7  Eb9/G 
You've got to let him go 

Bb   Eb/G Ab9  Cm7     Gbmaj7 
He's been dead sixteen years 
Db  Fm7            Bb Eb/G Ab9 
No, my love, he's not here 

Fm Bb/D Eb9  Ab/C  Bb/D  Ab2 

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