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Year: 2005 - Album: He Reigns: The Worship Collection

Guitar2:  e-----8~~~~~~~~~~~~--------- 
Guitar1:               C#    C#2    C#   C#4 
                       C#    C#2    C#   C#4 
Verse 1 
                   C4                    C# 
           All my world        All I've lost  
                   C#2                    G#   
 The wrecks I've made here   The lives it cost 
               C4                           C#   
 Your Hand re_stores        Your Words make Whole 
              C#2                   C#2        C#2 
 With all my soul           I thank You  I owe You 
          G#                            C# 
All my  Devo____tion        All that I have____ to give 
            G#                                C# 
Here's my Devo____tion      You're all that it means to live 
Verse 2 
         C4                     C# 
 All my past        My tainted name  
                    C#2                   G# 
 You stole it's legacy     of pride and shame 
               C4                        C# 
 You're all I Love         You're all I Fear  
 I'm drawing near        to face you    to know you   to show you- 
        C#                        C# 
  You found me        in a shallow grave 
        G#                                  C#4 
  You dregged (called) me        out from beneath it all 
        C#                           C#                     C#2 
  You healed (touched) me ,        saved me ,        in the nick of time  
  Your perfect time 
  And then just the chorous chords for the rest of the song.  


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