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Intro: B C#m A  


E                        B 
I call upon Your name,  You delivered me from harm 
C#m                          A 
In the shadow of Your wings, No fear comes 
E                      B 
I turn to You alone   Jesus, You?re my guiding light 
C#m                           A 
In the presence of Your love  I will abide 

verse 2 

E                         B 
No matter what the storm  You command the surging seas 
C#m                              A 
At Your word there is a calm and a peace 
E                       B 
Forever in Your heart   I can never fall away 
C#m                    A 
For Your faithful love endures age to age 

A E/F# A E/F# For I say out loud You are my strong tower A B E (B) You will rescue me, Yahweh A E/F# A E/F# I will not grow faint but my heart grows stronger A B E/F# (B) As I choose to seek Your face
Instrumental C#m A E B/D# C#m A E B/D# Outro C#m I run to You, my refuge A For You are on my side E Hosanna, hosanna! B (F#m) God arise!

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