New Creation Church

Love Magnificent

New Creation Church

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Love Magnificent

G   -  Gm  -  F#m   -  Bm  
Em  -  A   -  D     -  D7 
Bb  -  C   -  A     -  Dm 
Gm  -  Gm  -  Edim  -  Edim 
A   -  A   -  A     -  A 

verse 1 

Bm              G            D 
A million stars illuminate the skies 
   G                       A                 D        
As shepherds watched their flock of sheep by night 
G            Gm6 
Bethlehem of old 
    D/F#       Bm 
A prophecy foretold 
      Em              D/F#          A 
There Gods incarnate Word took on flesh 


   G            A 
A multitude of heavenly host 
        F#                Bm 
Praised God of heaven and earth 
    Em         D/F#      G              A 
For unto us is born, the Saviour of the world 

D A/C# Love, magnificent love Bm G Jesus, You came, You dwelled with us D/F# Em A Everlasting God and King Fm Bm Cdim Yet You gave Your everything Em E No other worthy of outstanding praise D A/C# Love, magnificent love F# Bm Jesus, You said G Peace be on earth D/F# Em A Star of hope and majesty F#/Bb Bm Yet You came to set me free Em A D I love because You first loved me
Short Instrumental G A/G F#m Bm Bb Ab A A verse 2 Bm G D Darkness fell across the barren plain G A D As heaven watched, the Son gave up His strength G Gm6 The innocent became D/F# Bm The Lamb who took my shame Em D/F# A No greater love than this for you and me

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