New Creation Church

Love Burns Bright

New Creation Church

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Love Burns Bright

D          F#m     E          A/C# 
Love burns bright, love burns brighter 
D                 E        F#m     A/C# 
Love burns bright, see it lighting up the (night) 

D     E     C#m     F#m 

Bridge 1 
D                   E 
In the dark of night, Your love the only light 
C#m                  F#m 
Embers burning bright, like a candle in the night 
D                      E 
Let your church arise, wake the earth and skies 
C#m                   F#m 
Every heart ignite, as Your glory fills the earth 

Bridge 2 
          D                  E 
Paint the sky, the sky, with truth and mercy 
C#m             F#m 
Justified, Your grace my story 
D               E 
Turn the page, reveal my story 
C#m          F#m 
Set afire deep within 

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