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Intro: Am        F    G 

verse 1 

F                            Am                  
 Life being restored breathe into me 
G                  C/E 
 Breath of God all over me 
F                    G 
 Your love has found me 
F                     Am  
 Kiss from above from heaven's best 
G                    C/E 
 Came to this world into my mess 
F                G 
     Love lifted me 

F Look into Your eyes now I see G Love that flows so free unending Am G G Heaven's rain is giving life to me
verse 2 F Am Not what I see but what I speak G C/E Eyes on You Jesus we sing F G Your love rescued me F Am Arms lifted up filled by your strength G C/E Through every storm and every test F G Your love lifted me Interlude C G Fmaj7 Dm Outro C G Your love Your love lifted me higher Fmaj7 Dm Caught up in the arms of my Saviour C G Strong secure close to the One who Fmaj7 Dm Reigns in power, all glory forever

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