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Hope Of Glory

New Creation Church

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Hope Of Glory

Intro: Bm G D A 

verse 1 

Who am I 
That You would know and love me  
Sculpted in Your glory 
Before my eyes could see 
When I'm lost 
Stranded in my frailty  
Flesh and blood has failed me  
A                        D 
You've come to set me free  

Bm Here I stand G Before the Great I Am D At the cross A I found my life again Bm Lift my hands G Surrender to Your name D A D O risen King, Jesus reigns
verse 2 Bm Calvary G When hearts betray Your kindness D Still Your grace is greater A Than my wretchedness Bm Outstretched arms G A love that bled devotion D Mercy like an ocean A Drowns my sin and shame Chorus BRIDGE Bm G Christ in me D A The hope of glory Bm G D A Hallelujah, hallelujah Ending Bm Empty tomb G My love, You've won the victory D I live to tell the story A Of Christ who lives in me

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