New Creation Church

Glorious And Beautiful

New Creation Church

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Glorious And Beautiful

Intro: G D# Em C 


                   G                   D# 
Healer of the Broken strength of my heart 
                     Em         C 
Refuge and my fortress, fill my eyes with all You are 
                G                       D# 
Lily of the valley, Savior and King 
                Em              C        
Fairest of ten thousand, still my soul to hear Your voice 

            Am           Em             D 
When all of You has captured all my heart 
            Am      Em             D 
And all I am is lost in who You are 

G D/F# Glorious and beautiful, marvelous and wonderful Em C You alone are here to save right now
Bridge G D Hallelujah Hallelujah Em C Hallelujah You are worthy

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