Nelly Furtado

Hey Man

Nelly Furtado

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Hey Man


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	  		INTRO: G G G G D G D G 
Hey, man, don't look so scared.  
You know I'm only testing you out.  
Hey man, don't look so angry,  
you're real close to figuring me out.  
We are a part of a circle.  
It's like a mobius strip,  
G                                      C 
and it goes round and round until it loses a link.  
G And there's a shadow in the sky D G D G D and it looks like rain, G D G D G and shit is gonna fly once again.
G C Hey, man, we look at each other with ample eyes, G C so why not some time to discover what's behind your eyes G C I've got so many questions that I want to ask you. G C G I am so tired of mirrors- pour me a glass of your wine! Chorus G C I've got a bunch of government cheques at my door. G Each morning I try to send them back C but they only send me more. G C I look at myself in the mirror; am I vital today? G C G Hey, man, I let my conscience get in the way! Chorus G D G D G and I don't mean to rain on your parade, G D G D G but pathos has got me once again... G D G D G and I don't want ambivalence no more.....

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