Neil Young

Tell Me Why

Neil Young

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Tell Me Why

Year: 2007 - Album: Live at Massey Hall (CD/DVD)

Sailing heartships through  
Broken harbours  
Am7       (C)   
Out on the waves         
G     (C)(G)     C  
In the night   Still the searcher must  
Ride the dark horse Racing along In his stride  
D Am7 C G C G D Tell me why Am7 C G Tell me why Bm C Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself D C When you're old enough to repay Bm7 Em But young enough to sell C D Am7 (C) G Tell me lies later Come and see me I'll be around for a while I am lonely but You can free me All in the way that you smile
Chorus: C D Am7 (C) G C D Am7 (C) G Chorus: C D Am7 (C) G (to fade) notes: Am7 002010 The Bm7 xx4232 is suspect, try a straight D (works better than a Gm7) key transposition: (read as 'a C to a B-flat, a D to a C, etc) C/Bb D/C Am7 Gm7 G/A D/E Am7 Bm7 etc..

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