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From Hank To Hendrix Chords

Neil Young

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From Hank To Hendrix

	  G                      Bm   C                                      Am  
From Hank to Hendrix I walked these streets with you  
Em                    G              C                  Am  
Here I am with this old guitar doing what I do  
G             Bm       C                                     Am  
I always expected that you would see me through  
Em          G                  C                     Am      G  
I never believed in much but I believed in you      
F C G Can we get it together can we still stand side by side? F C G Can we make it last like a musical ride?
G Bm C Am From Marilyn to Madonna I always liked your smile Em G C Am Now we're headed for the big divorce, California style G Bm C Am I found myself singing like a long lost friend Em G C Am G The same thing that makes you live can kill you in the end REFRAIN G Bm C Am Sometimes its distorted, not clear to you Em G C Am Sometimes the beauty of love just comes ringing through G Bm C Am New glass in the window, new leaf on a tree Em G C Am G New distance between us, you and me, you and me REFRAIN

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