Neil Sedaka

My Friend

Neil Sedaka

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My Friend

C                F             C 
When I'm unhappy and feeling lonely,  
F            C                   D        G 
and this old world of mine comes tumbling down,  
C                      Dm           Am 
you are the someone on who I can depend, 
F                 C           G       C  
it's nice to know that I have you, my friend.  
C                 F              C 
When I get crazy, you understand me, 
F         C               D             G 
you overlook the things I don't mean to say. 
C                         Dm              Am      
You're there beside me whenever things go wrong,  
F          C             G      C  
I'm never lonely knowing you're along.  
C           F             G 
You and me, the two of us together, 
      Am  Dm  G  
we go on and face the world whatever happens. 
F         G               Em     
No matter what gets in our way, 
Am        Dm     G            Cmaj7  
we see it through from day to day.  
F          G            Em 
Right up until the very end, 
Am       Dm   G         C  
it's gonna be me and my friend. 

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