Neil Sedaka

Bad Girl

Neil Sedaka

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Bad Girl

Year: 2003 - Album: Platinum & Gold Collection

	  		Bad Girl:Neil Sedaka. 
#33 on BB Hot 100 on RCA Records 
in 1963. 

G                              Em    Am7 Em 
I don't believe a word they're saying....what they're  
Bm D   E     D    G Bm 
saying isn't true. 

Bm                  E 
Everybody calls her bad girl..(bad, bad girl.) 
D                  E 
Everybody puts her down..(bad, bad girl.) 
A                               Bm 
Why don't they take the time to understand, 
      D                              G     D 
she's looking for a love she's never found.. 
Bm                        E 
and it's only cause she's lonely..(bad, bad girl.) 
D                          E               Am7 
That's the way she got her name..(bad, bad girl.) 

Am7                      Bm                        D 
All she did was look for someone to love..and they put  
    G       F#m  D 
the girl to shame. 
 G                D                G 
(Hey, there she's not the girl for you.) 
      Am7       G               C 
Well, you don't know her like I do. 
 Cm   F     C              F 
(Hey, there listen to your friends.) 
Bb                                   Am7 
If you're gonna put her down, here's where our friendship  

Bm      D                  E 
I don't hear a word you're saying..(bad, bad girl.) 
D                          E             Am7 
She's the one I'm dreaming of..(bad, bad girl.) 
Am7                         Bm 
So, don't you ever call her bad girl, again.. 
            Am7     D      G 
cause she's found a boy to love. 

 G           D            G 
(Hey, there, open up your eyes.) 
Am7   G             C 
All I see is just a pack of lies. 
 Cm   F            Cm               F 
(Hey, there, she's gonna break your heart.) 
Bb                          Am7              D 
I'm not gonna listen to the rumours that you start. 

INTERLUDE: Bm E (bad, bad girl) Em7 (bad, bad girl.)..A 

A                           Bm 
So, don't you ever call her bad girl, again..cause 
      G                     Em7      G 
she's found a boy to love..(bad, bad girl.) 
              A              G      Am7      G 
Oh, yes she's found a boy to love..(bad, bad girl.) 
              D                  G    Em7      G 
And found the one she's dreaming of..(bad, bad girl.) 
              A                G      Am7      G 
Oh, yes she's found the one to love..(bad, bad girl.)(Fade.) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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