The Heat


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The Heat

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Am                                    F/C 
The hurry?s gonna bring you to your knees I know this much is true 
Am                                      F                    C 
Your eyes are gonna rob you of your thunder Show you everything but you 
Am                                      F/C 
We?re caught when are hands are off the wheel And our foot is on the gas 
Am                                    F                            C 
Like a moth to a flame, the fire moves us We?re just waiting on the crash 
F               C    G 
You know we will 

C Let the drumbeats wash you over G Let the songs come and take you under Am F Push the life that brought you here away from you tonight C There?s a place where the pain can?t touch ya G And there?s a fire where the heat won?t burn ya Am F It?s in the sound of your voice tonight singing in one song
(verse 2) Am F/C You can hear it in the trail behind your voice There?s a multitude who claim Am F C They?ve been through the fire of fallen angels And they?ll never be the same Am F/C We live with the weight of what we?ve done The cracks that we slip through Am F C No time to forget about our future Just the things that we won?t do F C G But you know you can?t (interlude) C G Am F C C/B Am Fmaj7/9 E|--0--0--0----0 B|--1--1--1----1 G|--0--0--0----0 D|--2--2--2----3 A|--3--2--0----x E|--x--x--x----x ( C C/B Am7 Fmaj7/9 ) (bridge) C C/B Am7 I know you?ll hear The power in the way Fmaj7/9 Your voice can sound When there?s nothing left to say C C/B Am7 I know you?ll feel The way that I have felt tonight Fmaj7/9 (1st 3rd) C (2nd 4th) Without a single thing in mind It sounds just right (It sounds just right) (4x)

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