Let Us Love


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Let Us Love

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E|----------------|--------| B|----------------|----(7)-| G|---------(7)----|-(5)----| D|-(12)--------(7)|--------| A|------(5)-------|--------| E|----------------|--------|
Bm G We were born to embrace, not accept it A G We were given nothing more, and so we kept it Bm G As the colors of our boots keep fading A G We live a life that we hate without saying Bm G Who would listen to the cries of a poor man A G Weve never done nothing how could we be something Bm G Every heart has an hour of existence A G Every breath brings a chance for redemption Em A If somehow we could wake up Refrão: Let us love D Like we were children G Make us feel Like were still living Bm A D In a world I know thats burning to the ground Give us time To beat the system G Make us find What weve been missing Bm A D In a world I know thats burning to the ground Verso 2: In the crowd of the dead and disappointed Were ashamed, giving up on what we wanted Take a chance on a long shot this time Arent we all just at least worth another try Im a king in a land of abuses Undermined by the promise of excuses Whos to win if we know that its not fair Whos to fight when it seems that no one cares If somehow we could wake up G Leave your hurting on the road behind you A D Let the wind go with you til the morning comes G Yeah your sorrow, it cant save you A D It wont answer for what youve done

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