A Place Only You Can Go


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A Place Only You Can Go

Verso 1: 

F#                  F#/B     F# 
Pain is alive in a broken heart 
The past never does go away 
We were born to love 
          F#/B     F# 
And we're born to pay 
    D#m        F/C#    F# 
The price for our mistakes 

F#                        F#/B   F# 
Grace, she comes with a heavy load 
Memories, they can't be erased 
       F#                 F#/B     F# 
Like a pill I swallow, he makes me well 
    D#m            F/C#  F# 
And leaves an awful taste 

D#m B F# Oh I know this song won't do B F# Enough to prove my love to you D#m B F# In my heart you'll always know B F# There is a place only love can go B F# There is a place only you can go
Verso 2: Take my notions and words to heart This is the cry of a man I can't bring you fortune or noble life But I'll love you all I can (Refrão 2x)

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