Nathaniel Rateliff

Trying So Hard Not To Know

Nathaniel Rateliff

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Trying So Hard Not To Know

Intro: E A B A E 

E                                         A 
You keep changing your mind for so many reasons 
From what I can tell... you just might as well 
A                            E 
Lay down and choke on your own 
E                                          A 
I can't give you enough to just keep believing 
This shit don't run well... it's burned out as hell 
         A                      E 
And it's trying so hard not to know 

C#m                                       A 
You're filling it up just to turn out on empty 
B                             E 
God damn I know just how it feels 
C#m                              A 
I'm gonna tear out all that's inside me 
Look away from here, cause nobody cares 
             A                      E 
And they're trying so hard not to know 


E                                            A 
You take all of you want haven't found any answers 
Look down and stare and I run around and yell 
          A                 E 
That it might not rain any more 

E                                             A 
You never stand up long enough to pull it together 
Well who gives a damn and very few can 
              A                     E 
When they're trying so hard not to know 

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