Nat King Cole

A Cottage For Sale Chords

Nat King Cole

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by Tchucow

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A Cottage For Sale

  		A Cottage For Sale 
Larry Conley e Willard Robison 
com Nat King Cole, 1957 

     D                       F#7         C#m7/5- 
Our little dream castle with every dream gone 

      B7                    G             Gm7 
Is lonely and silent -- the shades are all drawn, 

    D7          D7/F#    G       Gm7 
And my heart is heavy as I gaze upon 

E A7           D 
A cottage for sale. 

      D                     F#7      C#m7/5- 
The lawn we were proud of is waving in hay; 

     B7                 G         Gm7 
Our beautiful garden has withered away. 

      D7         D7/F#     G            Gm7 
Where we planted roses the weeds seem to say, 

 E  A7          D 
"A cottage for sale." 


  F#7                       B7 
Through every single window I see your face 

     E7              F     E7         A7  C      A7 
But when I reach the win - dow there's only empty space 

     D                         F#7         C#m7/5- 
The key's in the mail box, the same as be - fore 

    B7                  G      Gm7 
But no one is waiting for me anymore 

     D7        D7/F#     G           Gm7  
The end of our story is told on the door 

 E  A7          D 
 A Cottage For Sale. 

Transcrito por Roberto Crescioni 
Bauru, 24 de dezembro de 2008 

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