Nascimento Silva

Jesus Always Loved Me Chords

Nascimento Silva

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by fernsantana

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Jesus Always Loved Me

  		Intro:  D  C  D  C  E7 

 D             C 
Listen always, was great pain. 
D           C 
It took me, on a cold day. 
Their voice heard 
 C       D             C            E7 
Saying: him come to me and you will rest 

  D                 C 
The world to laugh, ignoring. 
 D               C 
Because I said, my king is coming. 
D                       C 
In pain, then i cried, darkness. 
I saw the blessing. 
  C          E7 
The light appeared. 

 D                         C 
Jesus set me apart and my life transformed 
D                          C 
One day the world saw me, today he is admired. 
 D                      C 
Jesus always loved me, calmed my heart. 
Knowing your love 
 C                    E7 
Having salvation complete ____"Chorus" 

  D             C 
The man smile, but one day crying. 
D               C 
When searching believers here 
They will not find. 
Because they have already risen 
But nobody saw... 
  C     E7 
The glory is. 

 D                   C 
Pain on this cross, Jesus felt. 
D              C 
And resisted, to save me 
Holy, holy blood spurted. 
Many wept. 
 D               C            E7 
But few accepted when he reappeared 

 D            C            D 
Jesus Crhist loved me, my king? 

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