Nancy Wilson

Young And Foolish

Nancy Wilson

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Young And Foolish

(Albert Hague and Arnold B. Horwitt)

	  		D   F#m    Em7     A7   D  F#m    Bm     Cdim 
Young  and foolish,     why is it wrong to be 
  G    G/G#    B7       Em     B7/13-     Em7    Edim   
Young      and foolish?    We haven't long to be 
D7M      D        C#7                Bm         F#7     Bm7 
Soon enough    the carefree days, the sunlit days go by 
E       Bm5-/7      E7      Cdim    A7 
Soon enough    the bluebird has to fly 
A   Cdim     A7    G/B   A7 
And when he does, we'll see 
D  F#m      Em7     A7  D     F#m    Bm      Cdim 
We    were foolish,       one day we fell in love 
G  G/G#   Em7     A7 G    G/G#     Em7    Edim   
Now     we wonder,    what were we dreamin' of 
D7M    D          D7M    D5+        G5  G6 Edim G/B E7/9 
Smiling    in the sunlight,    and laughing in  the rain 
Bm5-/7  D7M      Bm       G        Edim      D            
I    wish that we were young and foolish again 

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