Nancy Wilson

Go Away, Little Boy Chords

Nancy Wilson

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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Go Away, Little Boy

(Gerry Goffin and Carole King)

  		A F#m   D6             D9      A6     D7M          D9 
Go    away,    little boy,    go    away, little boy 
    Em7     A      Em7     A    Edim  D  D7M  D6 
I'm not supposed to be    alone with you 
  Bm             F#m7       Bm 
I know that your lips are sweet 
    Em            B5+     Em7   Em6 
But our lips must never meet 
       G6       G6/F#     G/B      Fdim        A 
I belong to someone else, and I must be true 
A   F#m     D6       D9      A6     D7M          D9 
Oh, go away, little boy,    go    away, lit le boy 
     Em7         A        Em7     A          D   D7M   D7 
It's hurtin' me more each minute that you delay 
     F#m     G            G/F#   Em7 
When you are near me like this 
       G        Gdim A7     D  F#m  B7 
You're much too hard to resist 
   B7/F#    G         Em7 
So, go away, little boy 
    Em7/9 G/B A4/7 A7/13- D 
Before  I   beg   you to stay 

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