Nancy Wilson

Be True To Me (sabor A Mi) Chords

Nancy Wilson

Difficulty: EasyEasy


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Be True To Me (sabor A Mi)

(Alvaro Carrillo)

Intro: C Am F G7  

Verse one 
C                       Em               F  
Well, if I'm a fool for loving you and I guess 
I've a right to be  
          C                Em  
Cause you told me when you fell in love that 
F                       G7  
You'd fall in love with me   
    C                   Em       
And since that time I'm convinced that I'm the 
F                   G7  
One who's meant for you  
       C                 F        G7      C  Am F G7  
So, be true, be true, bet rue, be true to me  

Verse two 
   C                        Em          F           G7 
My friend sall say that I'm just a fool to sit  home all alone  
    C                    Em              F            G7 
And to be content with a few love words I hear on the telephone  

    C               Em               F  
But oh, so precious are those tender words I hear 
     G7                  C                 F    G7      C  Am F G7 
From you, that you'll be true, be true, be true,  be true to me   

Verse Three 
     C                  Em           F    G7 
I'll wait and watch the days go by until we come  of age  
  C               Em                  F G7  
Into our precious book of love, we'll add na other page  
  C                    Em              F  
A page that says these two will walk together all life 
G7                      C                 F        G7  
Through, that you'll be true, bet rue, bet rue, bet rue 
C  Am F G7      C  
To true (Fade) 

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