Nana Grizol

Arthur Hall

Nana Grizol

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Arthur Hall


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C Am Just above my head, I could hear your heart beating C Am But oh, would not stand to let you in. C Am So often that what you long for and that what's your terror F G Will stand side by side in the end you'll decide C Am When the picture's too tearful to look on, C Am Will it show the walls we could never break down, C Am Or the spaces left empty from too many places F G For the ones who just can't hang around Am Can you hum him home? C Or hum home him? F C Is it something that seeps slowly from your skin? Am C 'Cause oh, how it drips drolly from your sense of what's a sin, F I know that it's never been easy C But so many things, well they've just never been! Oh, no no no! F G F G F G Am C Am But it's sure your heart, it was always a pure one, C Am You could feel it in each second guess, C Am But the things you prescribed for your self preservation F G Were mildly destructive at best, we were patient C Am And wondered sometimes, "where you headed?" C Am But oh no, no we never knew C Am Despite all the things that you dreaded F G To find something fresh, something real, something true Am C F C x2 F G F G F G Am

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