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For All Of My Life Chords


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For All Of My Life

	  Transcribe by: Walter Michael De la Cruz - SLU Baguio City - 09224012464 
Tabbed       : March 1, 2005 
Note         : This song goes to My Baby Thamilyn of Imus Cavite 
               "For all of my life you are the one" 
Intro: E G#m A Am 
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E|-------------------------------------------0---------------| B|-------5-------------5-----------------5---5---------------| G|-----4---4---------4---4-------------4-----4---------------| D|-----------------------------------7-------7---------------| A|---7------7------7-------7-------7---------7---------------| E|-0-------------4---------------5-----------5---------------| Verse1: E Am E|--------0---------------0---------------0-----------------0--------| B|----------0---------------1---------------0------------------1-----| G|------------1---------------2---------------1-------------------2--| D|------2--------------2----------------2-----------------2----------| A|----2---------------2----------------2----------------2------------| E|-0----------------0----------------0----------------0--------------| Come and lay here beside me I'll tell you how i feel E Am A Bm E E|--------0---------------0-----------0-----2----0---| B|----------0---------------1---------0-----2-----0--| G|------------1---------------2--------------------1-| D|------2--------------2------------2-----4-----2----| A|----2---------------2-----------0------2-----2-----| E|-0----------------0------------------------0-------| There's a secret inside me I'm ready to reveal Refrain 1: A G#m E|-----0-------4---| B|------0-------4--| G|----2--2---------| D|---2-------6-----| A|-0--------6------| E|---------4-------| To have you close, embrace your heart C#m C F#m A Bsus E|------------------------2----------0----------------------| B|------5---------4---------2---------0------5---5----5-----| G|----4---4-------------------2----2---2-------4---4--------| D|---6-----6----5-------4---------2-------------------------| A|-4-----------3------4----------0-----------2--------2-----| E|------------------2---------------------------------------|
With my love over and over These are things that i'll promise, my promise to you Chorus: The same as the Intro (E G#m A Am) Plucking also E G#m For all of my life You are the one A Am I will love you faithfully forever E G#m All of my life You are the one A Am I'll give to you my greatest love E G#m7 A Am For all of my life oooh oooh yeah yeah Verse 2: The same as verse 1 Let me lay down beside you There's something you should know I pray that you decide too Open your heart and let me show Refrain 2: The same as Refrain 1 Enchanted worlds of fairytales Are wonder land of love These are things that i'll promise, my promise to you Comments,questions?? send me a message in friendster at or you can text me or call me at 09224012464.

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