Musiq Soulchild


Musiq Soulchild

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by  MINI_B7

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Key:  Dbm7 More
Love Key G#m7G#m7
Love Key Am7Am7
Love Key A#m7A#m7
Love Key Bm7Bm7(one step down)
Love Key Cm7Cm7(half step down)
Love Key Dbm7Dbm7(original key)
Love Key Dm7Dm7(half step up)
Love Key D#m7D#m7(one step up)
Love Key Em7Em7
Love Key Fm7Fm7
Love Key F#m7F#m7
Love Key Gm7Gm7
Dbm7-(slide down to) Bm7      E7(9) 
Love there's so many things I've go to tell you 
    Amaj7--Eb half dim   Abm7
But I'm afraid   Possibility that you'll look at me differently  

(repeat chords for verse) 

Bbhalf dim--Amaj7      Abm7 Dbm7 F#m7 
Love                                 so many people use your name in vain 

(repeat chords for Chorus) 

F#m                                                                     Abm7  
  At first you didnt mean that much to me 
But now I know that youre all I need 
       Ab/C                                                Db 
The world looks so brand new to me 


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Half key step upHalf key step up
Half key step downHalf key step down
Full key step downFull key step down
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