Músicas Natalinas

White Christmas Chords

Músicas Natalinas

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Antonio256mb

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White Christmas

  		    G                  Am     D 
1. I`m dreaming of a white Christmas, 
C                  D               G 
    just like the ones I used to know, 
                          G7          C       cm 
    where the tree tops glisten und children listen,  
        G    Em                 Am    D 
    to hear bells sound in the snow. 
     G                 Am      D 
2.  I`m dreaming of a white Christmas,  
C                 D               G 
    with every Christmas card I write. 
                       G7        C  -  Cm 
    May your days be merry and bright -  
             G         Am          D       G      (D) 
    and may all your Christmasses     be white.

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