Músicas Natalinas

The Son of Mary Chords

Músicas Natalinas

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by Antonio256mb

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The Son of Mary

          Am                G 
1. What child is this who laid to rest  
        F              E 
    on Mary`s lap is sleeping? 
          Am                 G 
    Whom angels greet with anthems sweet, 
            F              E         Am 
    while shepherds their watch are keeping. 
  C              G  
This, this is Christ, the King, 
       Am                  E 
whom shepherds guard and angels sing. 
 C                 G 
Haste, haste, to bring him love, 
    Am         E      Am 
the babe, the son of Mary. 
        Am               G 
2. Why lies he in such mean estate, 
           F              E 
    where ox and ass are feeding? 
            Am                 G 
    Good Christians fear and sinners hear 
         F      E        Am 
    the silent word is pleading. 
     C                G                 Am                E 
    Raise, raise the song on high, the virgin sings her lullaby. 
     C               G                  Am         E     Am 
    Joy, Joy, for Christ is born,  the babe, the son of Mary. 
        Am                   G 
3. The world is waiting for him to grow 
         F                    E 
    and wake up all who are sleeping. 
          A              G 
    Oh, blessed be this day forever, 
          F         E        Am 
    that saved us from our weeping.     + R e f r a i n 


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