Músicas Natalinas

Lonely this Christmas Chords

Músicas Natalinas

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by Antonio256mb

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Lonely this Christmas

  		    C Am F G    C Am F G      C                F                  G 
1.                         Try to imagine a house that's not a home, 
     C                  F            G 
    try to imagine a Christmas all alone. 
                  C                  Am          F                     G 
    That's where I'll be, since you left me my tears could melt the snow. 
             C        Am                    F                     G 
    What can I do without you ?  I've got no place, no place to go. 
          C             Am           F           G 
It'll be lonely this Christmas, without you to hold, 
          C             Am        F          G 
it'll be lonely this Christmas, lonely and cold. 
          C        Am        F           G            C           F  C  G 
It'll be cold, so cold, without you to hold, this Christmas. 
    C                        F             G 
2. Each time I remember the day you went away, 
C                                   F                 G 
    and how I would listen to the things you have to say. 
             C               Am                   F             G 
    I just break down, as I look around and the only things I see, 
         C             Am                 F                G 
    are emptiness and loneliness, and an unlit Christmas tree. + REFR. 
        C                                         F                 G 
2. (spoken:) You remember last year, when you and I were together. 
C                                          F                          G 
   We never thought there'd be an end, and I remember looking at you then. 
                  C                      Am 
 And I remember thinking that Christmas must have been made for us, 
F                    G                                    C            Am                      
    'cos darlin',  this is the time that you really, you really need love. 
                      F          G               C             A 
    When it means so very, very much.  It'll be lonely this Christmas 
        F           G              C            Am        F          G 
    Without you to hold, it'll be lonely this Christmas, lonely and cold. 
+ REFRAIN +  Merry Christmas, darling, wherever you are!  (Mud) 


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