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Muscle Museum (ver. 2) Chords


Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by happiness

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Muscle Museum (ver. 2)

  		Intro: Am Am7 Am E  E7  E Am  A7  Dm  

Am Dm Am Dm Am F E  
She had something to confess to but you don?t have the time so look the other way 
You will wait until it's over to reveal what you?d never shown her too little much too late 
I have played in every toilet but you still want to spoil it to prove I?ve made a big mistake 
Too long trying to resist it you?ve just gone and missed it it's escaped your world 

Bridge: Am E F 

Am Dm Am Dm Am F E Can you see that I am needing begging for so much more than you could ever give I don?t want you to adore me don?t want you to ignore me when it pleases you F E Am F C E Yeah I?ll do it on my own, so I?ll do it on my own
End: Am Dm Outro: Am Am7 Am E E7 E Am A7 Dm

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