Mumford And Sons

Just Smoke

Mumford And Sons

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Just Smoke

C F Am 
C F Am 

verse 1 
C          F            C 
  Tell my thoughts to resign 
C          F            C 
  And lift you from my mind 
C          F        Am 
  I'm not ready I'm not strong enough 
   C          F              C 
To cradle the weight of your love 
C             F             Am    
  Just take a minute take a breath 
C             F          Am 
Lay down your head on my sunken chest 
C          F                 Am 
   I saw a flicker then just smoke 
           F           C           F           C 
But as you left I was calling your name at the night 

C F Am I thought we were done C F Am And your love would keep us young x2
C verse 2 C F C I thought we fell to the ground C F C I see you whimper with no sound C F Am Open my mouth to breath some words of peace C F C But the silence gives nothing back to me C F Am So I'll be a shadow of the flame C F Am I lent down to kiss you then erased my name C F Am And I'll be a whisper on the wind F C F C My hands are shaking from holding so tight for so long Bridge: F Dm The flame burnt out in our empty hands F Am But now I see it's got nothing to do G It's got nothing to do with you
C F Am I thought we were done C F Am And your love would keep us young x4

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