Mr. Day

Forgotten Realms

Mr. Day

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Forgotten Realms

	  		Intro Cm  Eb  Ab  Fm 

Cm                              Eb 
Have you ever been in castles, did you used to be my queen? 
    Ab                     Fm 
We used to ride around in cities of dreams. 

        Cm             Eb 
Or is it all, fantasy scenes? 
        Ab                            Fm 
Take me back to the lands we ve never been. 

Ab              Fm 
This night it s all grey and sad, 
And now I m feeling so bad, 
Ab          Fm 
I thought I knew all the plans, 
Won t you give me a sign? 

      Cm     Eb           Ab              Fm 
Do you know, do you know, about forgotten realms?  
 Cm     Eb   Ab              Fm 
Do you know, about forgotten realms? 

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