Mount Moriah

The Letting Go

Mount Moriah

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The Letting Go

	  		C    G     B          C 
Ooh, lover don't you know 

C          G                B      Em 
All that's left now is some hope? 

C           G               B        C 
Thread worn thin on all our clothes, 

C               G               B      Em 
But where we've been is what we choose. 

C       G            B     C 
All you wanted was a wife, 

C          G        B         Em 
A lover to lie down beside at night, 

C         G                 B        C 
A patient heart easing your troubled mind, 

C         G                 B       Em 
A home to keep you from the outside. 

C G B C 
C G B Em 

C     G              B    C 
Ooh, lover can't you tell 

C        G         B               Em 
A broken love from chiming wedding bells? 

C      G          B   C 
Lover, help me to be 

C            G        B           Em 
A woman with only the truest offering. 

C G B C  
C G B Em  

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chords Mount Moriah - The Letting Go
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