Morten Harket


Morten Harket

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(Morten Harket)

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Intro: D A Bm F#m G D G A (2x) 

 D  A 
  Bm          F#m 
I say it as a friend 
G                  D 
 He can handle the daylight 
        G             A  
But the night has its way 
D         A 
Touch him 
            Bm      F#m  
Like on one did before 
   G                 D 
No fingerprints on the dew 
   G    A 
So stay 
             D   A    Bm    F#m  G D G A 
Whatever you dooooooooooooooo 
          D        A 
Watch him laughing 
             Bm    F#m 
Ooh he can't help it 
   G             D 
He sees through the eyes of a child 
        G      A 
When he sees you 

D   A 
             Bm       F#m 
The town you come from 
    G                D 
You said you'd like to leave 
     G    A 
Then say 
                D   A     Bm    F#m  G D G A 
Where you gonna beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 

Do you see me 
In your sleep 
The dreams you're dreaming 
          D             A  
Please be gentle, oh be gentle 
There can be no other 
Down so deep 
But you do see me 
       D            A 
Do you know what to keep 
          D A Bm F#m G D G A 
Do you? 

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