Hopeless World


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Hopeless World


G* Cadd9 D Cadd9 G* Em7 
D Cadd9 G* Em7 

verse 1 
D            Cadd9          G*           D 
Please don't mistake me for someone I am not 

D          Cadd9         G*          A     C/G 
I'm just a strange human looking for lo----ve 

Chorus C/G D G Do you dare to come down to C/G D My hopeless world G Where i make a strange light C/G D Uncertain and absurd G I'm going to say just how I feel C/G D Cause I'm tired of things that aren't real C/G In a hopeless world
Instrumental D Cadd9 G* Em7 2x verse 2 D Cadd9 G* D I went mad, just stood out on the street D Cadd9 I couldn't see where the people were G* A C/G They were right in front of m----e
Chorus 2 C/G D G Because I've never seen such C/G D A hopeless world It's beautiful G Here at night C/G When the lights are on D And the drink is in you G And the music's on C/G D And you're not awake Maybe we could fall asleep G And give up the world C/G But I just wouldn't know D Who to ask C/G In a hopeless world
Bridge Bm A G Bm A D Bm A G A C/G Outro D Cadd9 G* Em7 4x D

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