The Real Hotel California


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The Real Hotel California


D      A      G         A           D       A            G 
Waking up here like so many days before it feels like a chore 
D          A               G            A           D 
August is setting and I'm settling for less than I planned 
    A           G 
We gather dust again 
             Bm       A 
But now I'm moving, shaking off routine 
        D                     G           A 
Setting up in the van circle states open meet 
         Bm       A 
All new faces we trample 
                  G                   A 
But still I feel close to no one but this beat 
     D        A  G  A 
But this beat 
     D        A  G  A 
But this beat 


D        A   G              A             D    
Keep it quiet it's eight o'clock in this town  
             A               G 
And we've already been shut down 
D   A              G        A             D             A 
It feels like I'm passing through what I saw in this guitar  
I never saw in you 
            Bm            A 
You settle down and your life's finished out 
       D                           G             A 
Stay asleep in this noise nothing lost nothing found 
I find it boring  
A                                    G 
I know there's more than what we're told 
         A                            G   Bm  A  G  D  A 
I wanna crack the code before we get old 


G  Bm  A  G  D  A 


     G         D        A         Bm          G 
For once I'll write it down and I won't even try 
               D        A             Bm        G 
Cause late at night conviction seems harder to find 
           D               A              Bm 
This bitterness stings my eyes, makes me blind 
        G          D            A 
But without it I couldn't sing right 
A          G 
Ri-i-i-i-ight....Ri-i-i-i-ight (cause we don't think about it) 

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