Little Miami


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Little Miami

Intro: B E 

verse 1: 
The later i stay 
Up the more i get 
By on these broken 
Car speakers that 
Carry me through 
The night 

G#m I guess when i sit F# And think about it E B It was all a game G#m We played a little F# Different but the E B Pieces were the same G#m F# You needed me to kiss E Your ass and maybe B F# Some money for gas i Needed to feel like Someone was there B F# E B At all like someone C#m E Was there at all
verse 2: B and these old habits E I won't let them stick I'm not coming around B we can't pretend it Won't come up on E Us quick but here It is crushing
G#m these friendships F# These friendships Were nothing but E A bunch of blown B Smoke and two egos That just broke G#m and pictures that F# E B Were already burning
Interlude: F# G#m E (x2) Outro: E B E B and maybe i kept C#m G#m You around because E B This city was too E B C#m G#m Much to down alone E B E B But now i know it's C#m G#m Much better when we E B Stop pretending E And there's no time B C#m G#m To sing along down E The river with the F# Tracks at our back

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