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Vic Grout - Keepin My Job Blues Fading Sunsets Chords

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by gustsilva

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Vic Grout - Keepin My Job Blues Fading Sunsets

  		verse 1 
     G             C                      G 
Blue skies and red sunsets could wait for me 
G             C                         G 
They might be paying me off; setting me free 
D         C                       G 
No more Byzantine bureaucracy for me 

verse 2 
G           C                           G 
But if they take my job, the rest: it?s gone 
G         C                        G 
This tiny plot of land we call our own 
D               C                      G 
Is it pride, or fear, or age, or is it home 

verse 3 
G                C                     G 
Yeah, I?m scared; I?ve settled down so long 
G              C                     G 
But maybe open air and open seas and song 
D                     C                        G 
Can?t tell if this is right; but it don?t seem wrong 

verse 4 
G            C                          G 
So I hold my tongue; they think I wanna stay 
G            C                   G 
Cos forced redundancy?s a lot of pay 
D          C                   G 
We buy a motor-home and we?re away 

Am            C                        G 
So, I sit and wait, and then I get the call 
Am             C                          G 
Is this the parting word?  ?Thanks for it all? 
D              Am                 G 
No.  Turns out they need me after all! 

Verse 5 
G                  C                G 
The bricks still ours: no need to fly 
G             C                G 
We?re safe, secure: no need to cry 
D           C                         G 
The pension grows as each year passes by 

Verse 6 
G         C                     G 
So here I am and here I?m gonna stay 
G                  C                G 
Retirement?s still a long, long way away 
D                C                        G 
I?ll see the sky through the window every day 

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