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The Drives - Whatever (acoustic) Chords

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by aman%5Fclaudino

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The Drives - Whatever (acoustic)

F          G                    A#              C 
I haven't talked to you lately, but you've been running through my head 
F            G                     A#                 C   
Now I've got you in my crosshairs, I've got you on my mind 
F                           G           A#            C 
I'm not trying to bring you down, everytime you come around 
F                  G                 A#                 C            
It's just part of the way we are, I know you know this now 

F     G                          D              A#  
I'll tell you want I want, I'll tell you what I need 
F               G               D               A# 
What I mean is empty, are you listening? 

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