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Say You Want To Chords

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by marcnagel

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Say You Want To

Capo on 2nd fret

C                  G 
Baby that smile?s got me thinking 
Em            D 
Got me up all night 
The way we looked 
Deep in each other 
For a second, 
that felt a lifetime 

Brighten my day 
G               Em                 D 
Girl your smile makes me think and say 
     C        G 
Shes the one I wanna be with 
Em              D 
The one I want holding my hand 
C                     G 
Baby your blonde hair makes the beach sand 
Em              D 
Shine a little less 
C                 G              Em         D    
Makes the stars sparkle look like cloudy day 

Baby grab my hand 
Say you want to 
Em               D 
Say you want me to 
Lets take a ride 
No end in sight 
Just get in and drive 
Em                 D 
Till the morning sun wakes up 
C                 G 
Then well sit and watch 
Em           D 
The new day come 

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