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Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - The Ballad Of Verne Troyer Chords

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by marcnagel

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Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - The Ballad Of Verne Troyer

A            D 
Mini me here ceases to be 
       F#m                          D      E 
Cast upon the other side of death's mighty sea 
           A                                D 
Yet if you listen you can here him in every heart, stone and tree 
         F#m                D       E      A 
Shouting out to us all that he's happy and free 

Part 2 
      A             F#m 
Verne troyer is his name 
        D              E 
And his major claim to fame 
            A             F#m    D       E 
Was that in austin powers he was mini me 

    A                F#m 
His loss saddens his fans 
            D                 E 
But there's much more to this man 
    A              F#m          D          E 
Now listen to this song and you will agree 

verse 3 
F#m              E 
Verne was bon in sturgis michigan 
    Bm                A 
His mother's name was susan 
F#m                      E 
Raised up amish when his life first began 
         Bm                D          E 
Till his parents no longer found it amusin 

F#m                     E 
Married a gallen for or so they say 
  Bm                   A 
Annulled that shit the very next day 
F#m                E 
Sex tape leaked by tmz 
           Bm                   D          E 
Sued those mother fuckers for invading privacy 

Let me tell you a bit about where he got his start 
His screen debut and his first acting parts 

Part 4 
       A E  A     D     A D    D  A E    A   Bm A Bm 
He was baby binks stunt double in baby's day out 
          A   E   A      D   D  A E   D     E  A 
He was in dunstin checks in, go ahead check it out 
        A  E  A  D A      D  D  A   E   A   Bm A Bm 
A small santa in a sleigh in jingle all the way 
         A   E  A   D  D     A   E   D    E  A 
An alien son in men in black was his part to play 

      E                       D     A 
In my giant he was a wrestler oh so tiny 
         E                       D      A 
Fear and loathing in las vegas a waiter wee 
              E                  D    A 
With ronald mcdonald he was cast as a sundae 
           E                          D      A 
Mighty joe young he was baby joe, really, no way (yeah it's true dude) 

Part 5 
   A         E              A           D 
So many more movies i could add to this song 
    A                 E             D   E   A 
But then things would just come out way too long 
       A         E              A         D 
So i'm gonna end here, hope i'm not being wrong 
            A      E           D     E   A 
Oh but i forgot to mention his legendary slong or do you prefer dong 

      A               D 
So be happy in heaven verne 
            F#m        Bm      E 
Hope we can chill when it's my turn 
        A               D 
You can show me all the things to learn 
        F#m Bm D   E     A 
When my candle ceases to burn

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