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Life So Far - Manpower Staffing Agency Song 1999 (acoustic) Chords

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by bombaXXX

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Life So Far - Manpower Staffing Agency Song 1999 (acoustic)

D Don't disconnect your phone lines G Turn off all your home lights D Think that you'll be alright A Asus2 Asleep in bed D Sayin' "you don't understand me G "I've gotsa feed my fam'ly" D So what if I'm not handy A And I like my rest" . . . wellll,
Verse: D G Well I, I been asleep for half the day, today D A And I, I think that I'll be late, again D G Well can I try tomorrow, one more chance, I beg D A I've got three NO CALL NO SHOWS but my friends got Tennn! (And he's still workin) So don't...

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