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Len Appleman - The Moustache Song Chords

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by paulantunes

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Len Appleman - The Moustache Song

  		verse 1 
               D             C    G         D 
Well something crazy?s going on around this place 
    D            C          G           D 
Moustaches are a-growing on everybody?s face 
       D            C              G          D 
It?s Movember time again this year around the planet  
     D              C           A                  A7 
Even Iran and North Korea, they cannot ban it 

verse 1 

Well we?re raising lots of money for cancer research 
Grow a moustache, not a beard, where a sparrow could perch 
The money that we raise will give the research a lift 
And I hope this song is covered by Taylor Swift 

Bm               C           G 
Moustaches over here, Moustaches over there 
Bm                 C                  G 
Any one can grow a moustache; they?re made out of hair 
Bm                 C                  G 
Moustaches to the left, Moustaches to the right 
Bm                 C                    A             A7    
Grow a moustache for Movember, you will be dynamite. 


verse 3 
Don?t let anybody tell you that your moustache is weird 
It started in Australia where they drink lots of beer 
And we are growing our moustaches in the town of Pittsburgh  
We?ve got McCutchen, Sidney Crosby, and Ben Rothelsburg(er) 

verse 4 
Well I heard of a Movember team called Bellisimo 
The moustaches on their faces, they?re starting to grow 
And while I?m sure that their efforts will really be strong 
I bet those Harvard boys, can?t write their own song. 

Verse 5 
Well it is time now for this crazy moustache song to end 
And I want to tell our patients that you?ve got lots of fiends 
Working hard to bring us closer to that day 
When prostate and testis cancer are going away. 

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