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Keithyb - Queen Of Beauty Chords

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by ang%2Dletra

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Keithyb - Queen Of Beauty


G  C  D  (x2)) 
(Play only strings D, G, B on each chord) 

verse 1 

G       C       D      C              Bm      C      D 
Girl, Queen of Beauty looking at the mirror gazing at it 
        C                            D  A7      Am 
Like a picture that she might have seen in her dreams 
 C                      D       Bm                     C 
And I wonder if she?s counting all her blessings or is just that her 
  D         A7        Am 
 Beauty is just Skin Deep. 
  D           G 
Is just skin deep. 

verse 2 

G                 Bm     C         D       A7 
Like pictures in dreams she holds dearly slowly 
 Am        D                    G 
unfold before her of stories untold 
 G                         Bm            C     D   A7   Am 
About the places she has visited and memories of blind Love 
 C            D           A7         D    G 
Give way to moments of happiness   or of Love. 

G D Bm C D So she thinks don?t send me any loving if your heart is not for me. C D Am D G But please, please, send it, if you know you have time for me C D G If you know now have time for me

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